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1.2 billion more spending on pensions and grants, but the budget is still on a plus

BGN 137 million surplus in the budget at the end of February expect from the Ministry of Finance. The department points out for comparison that a year ago the Treasury was on a plus by 1.48 billion levs.
The surplus is now melted because of the larger costs associated with the measures against the crisis caused by the pandemic, the monthly allowances of BGN 50 to pensions and the lifting of the minimum and maximum pension, etc. Due to these factors in the first two months of the year, £7,224 billion was spent and a year ago for the same period spending was £5.984 billion.

The collection was still good - BGN 7,361 billion for January and February, with 103 million smaller on annual basis. The decrease comes from the contraction of EU money for the period by BGN 114 million.


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