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4500 Bulgarians arrive for a market in Edirne

Tourists from Bulgaria arriving for a market in Edirne are a big support for local traders and the city's economy, Turkish television channel NTV reports, citing Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Recep Zupkankurt. He points out that an average of 4500 people from Bulgaria arrive for a market in the city, and on weekends this number reaches 9-10 thousand people.
Tourists from Bulgaria buy all sorts of things - food products, appliances, furniture, Zupkankurt says, stresses that they are a salvation for local traders who are experiencing serious difficulties in the pandemic.

Zapkunkurt notes that after the closure in late November of the Ulus market in Edirne because of the coronavirus, Bulgarians have gone shopping to the shops in the city and this has been good for local traders. He points out that despite the closing of Friday's market, in which Bulgarian tourists have shown great interest, the number of arrivals from Bulgaria has not decreased and even increased. Zupkankurt points out that when shopping in stores, guests from Bulgaria observe the anti-epidemic rules for wearing masks, distance and hygiene, BTA reported.

According to Zupkankurt, the average costs per person that Bulgarian tourists make during visits to Edirne increased compared to last year from 100 to 150 euros. He specifies that surveys made last year showed that Bulgarian tourists spent an average of 100 euros per person on purchases, food and accommodation in Edirne. Zupkankurt notes that because of the pandemic, no such polls can be made now, but from conversations with local traders it is concluded that these costs have increased to 150 euros per person.


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