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48 million kg of Bulgarian fruits and vegetables were sold in Kaufland Bulgaria in 2020

This year the company increased by 33% producers with whom it concluded contracts for buyout
Kaufland Bulgaria sold 48m kg of fruits and vegetables of Bulgarian origin last year. The retail chain saw significant growth - 37%, in the sale of native fruits and vegetables compared to 2019, when the realized volumes were 35 million kg.

The achieved sales of Bulgarian fruits and vegetables are the result of the long-standing partnership between Kaufland and Bulgarian producers. As part of its well-established business practices, Kaufland concludes contracts for the purchase of production, which are applied in compliance with all the stringent quality requirements specified by the chain.

In 2021 the company increased by 33% the number of producers with whom it contracts. Thus, Kaufland guarantees volumes of Bulgarian production and guarantees a secure market for manufacturers, which helps them to work peacefully and focus on the quality of their products.

The company has signed buying-in contracts with 24 Bulgarian fruit and vegetable producers. The products produced and offered in Kaufland are certified according to the International Standard for Sustainable Agriculture Global G.A.P., through which manufacturers have the opportunity to guarantee the high quality of their products.

The Bulgarian assortment has always been a priority for Kaufland Bulgaria. Every year the company strives to upgrade the offer of Bulgarian fruits and vegetables. In this way, it also responds to consumer demand for more and more native production.

Kaufland meets the requirements of customers for quality by applying multi-level control throughout the fruit and vegetable production chain. It begins already when choosing and planting the best varieties of seeds in conjunction with growers. The chain monitors the cultivation and storage of production on site on the farms. This year it plans to increase the visits of its quality control experts to farms by over 60%.

Kaufland also examines pesticide levels in production by sending samples monthly to an independent laboratory accredited by BELAC (Belgian Accreditation Institution).

Daily quality control of fruits and vegetables is also applied in the logistics center of Kaufland Bulgaria. There, checks shall establish whether the goods meet the strict requirements of the retail chain for the type of product.

The production is stored and transported under the appropriate temperature regimes, and its quality and freshness are strictly controlled throughout the day in Kaufland hypermarkets.

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