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60 products with up to 30% discount in March in Lidl

Selected dairy and high quality sausages and “Lidl price” throughout March in Lidl stores in the country
The bargain shopping with “Lidl price” continues throughout March with a new promotional offer — up to 30% discount on 60 products from the range of the chain. The offer includes some of the most massive products that households put on their table — dairy and sausages. Attractive offers are in addition to all weekly promotions and offers of the chain and will be valid within March in all 106 stores in the country.

“In the new offer we have included a variety of Lidl price products, among which everyone can find what they need. During the whole month of March, customers will be able to choose from the most commonly consumed products such as yoghurt, cheese, cheese, suitable for the whole family to more special ones, in the high price range. We believe that we will be maximally useful to our customers in their effort to plan their expenses better”, said Dragomir Iliev, Manager “Commodity Supply”, Lidl Bulgaria.

Pikok children's sausages without additives, dyes and preservatives, smoked turkey breast, Czech sausage and Prague ham again under the own brand Pikok, kefir and sour cream Pilos are just some of the proposals with 30 or close to 30% off. Culinary connoisseurs can buy Camembert Milbona with 20% discount, prosciutto to Dulano Selection with 14% and Lovilio scamorza with 11%.

Lovers of traditional taste are not missed, who can find on “Lidl price” their favorite products from established Bulgarian manufacturers such as sausage from the Clean Label series without artificial additives and preservatives, “Strandzha Grandpa”, sausage and speck “Stara Planina” Rodna eave, cow cheese in brine, cheese, yogurt, etc.

“Lidl price” continues the company's overall policy towards price promotions and builds on the steps it took early in the crisis last year. “Lidl price” products are labeled and visible on site in the store, and much of them in the weekly brochure. Thus, on the one hand, customers will be able to easily and quickly navigate and find the most advantageous products at the moment, and on the other, they will get another opportunity to plan their expenses and optimize their budgets.

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