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7 candidates for the Shipka tunnel, between them one Chinese and 2 Turkish companies

Road Infrastructure Agency started the opening of offers of 7 companies candidates to build the Gabrovo road along with the tunnel under Shipka.
The order, which has an estimated value of BGN 267m, has submitted documents by China's Chyna Innovation Company, two Turkish construction companies and four associations involving Bulgarian companies. Their names will be announced later today. The project “Design and construction of a site: “Beginning of the city. Gabrovo from km 20+124.50 to km 30+673.48, including a tunnel under Shipka peak “to be offered for funding from the future Operational Programme “Transport Connectivity” 2021-2027.

The tunnel will be a nodal point in the North-South direction and through it will take place the passage through the Balkan Mountains in the central part of Bulgaria. The main transport directions it will serve are: Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo - Shipka - Stara Zagora - Svilengrad (Makaza) and Oryahovo - Sevlievo - Shipka - Stara Zagora - Svilengrad (Makaza).