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80% losses for Bulgarian tourism in the summer season

Bulgarian tourism will make no less than 80% losses for the summer season this year compared to the previous two years. This was announced to BHP Polina Karastoyanova, Executive Director of the National Tourism Board.
She explained that this percentage of losses means 80% fewer tourists, as the capacity of the Bulgarian tourist infrastructure is for nearly 10 million tourists per year in the active season, especially during the summer season.

“It could not be possible for Bulgarian tourism to continue to generate 12% of the country's GDP, to contribute more than 7 billion euros per year to the fisca of the country if it does not fill the full capacity and receives full support from the state. This factor is no longer obscusable.”

The Board will work for positioning the sector in the national plan and the possibility in the next seven years tourism, as well as directly from anti-CoVID funds to tackle the crisis, to take a minimum 10% share:

“We believe that it will have a multiplier effect on the economy and in social terms”.

In the programme “12+4” Karastoyanova summed up that between 300,000 — 400,000 Bulgarians travel for the few weekends around September 22nd. Approximately 90,000 to 100,000 chose to rest in Greece, and approximately 300,000 Bulgarians travel inland.


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