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97% of major foreign companies in Beijing resumed operations

Foreign companies in Beijing have renewed 70 percent of their operations, city officials said. Key companies, with investments worth more than $100 million, have resumed 97.4 percent of their work, Radio China reported.
Out of 308 foreign companies, 79 are manufacturers and all of them have renewed operations. 229 are service providers, 221 of them have resumed work.

In the Chaoyang region, the headquarters of most foreign companies in Beijing are located. 99% of office buildings have renewed operations.

In addition, supermarkets and foreign capital store chains such as Walmart, Carrefour, New World, McDonald's and 7-Eleven left their doors open throughout the period of the outbreak.

With the effective containment of the contagion, foreign companies in the capital are expected to resume business operations at a faster rate, authorities say.