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A confused vignette will already be able to correct

Change in the law makes it possible not to pay a second time if we got the data wrong
If we confuse the registration number, country of registration or category of the vehicle for which we bought a vignette, we will already be able to correct the error without having to pay for the document again. This envisages amendments to the Roads Act, submitted to parliament by a group of GERB deputies headed by Alexander Nenkov. They must be voted on by Friday 5 March to take effect before parliament is dissolved for the election.

The change of the incorrectly declared data will occur after checking that there is no registered road vehicle with identical data to the original data. The change will take effect immediately after the adjustment is made and will be until the period of validity of the initially issued vignette.

As “24 Hours” wrote many times, until now when making a mistake the vignette was considered invalid without the money being reimbursed to the people, whether it was an annual vignette, which is 97 BGN for a car, or 10 BGN, as much as the weekend costs.

Most often mistakes are also allowed when buying vignettes for trailers, as when a trailer is attached to the vehicle and the total mass of the composition exceeds 3.5 tonnes, an additional vignette fee is required for the trailer.

The law explicitly states that in such cases a vignette fee is payable for the same caghetoria as for the light car, i.e. K3. At the same time, however, according to the Roads Act, the trailer is not a separate category of road vehicle, but according to the Road Traffic Act, it is a separate category. The correctioners point out that this practically confuses consumers and there are numerous complaints and signals on this occasion. The most common mistake was that instead of an electronic vignette for a vehicle less than 3.5 tonnes users, due to misunderstanding, chose the option “Electronic Vehicle for Trailer of a Car”, especially since the description and price are similar.

Once on the road, however, such a driver is likely to fall within the camera range, they will register the error and automatically be charged as an offender.

In our country there are curious-cases with vignettes for cars bought from a roadside site, which are introduced into the system by an employee of the site. If he enters the data and determines that the vignette should be valid after 15 minutes, and the driver drives off after 10 minutes and falls on camera, she will also charge it as irregular and virtually no one can cancel the fine.

Importers point out that National Employees can check applications and complaints submitted by users about data entry errors and correct the information without the driver losing the validity of the document they paid.


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