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After the heating because of the Russian gas gets cheaper and electricity (Obzor)

“Bulgargaz” will receive at the end
on March 150 million BGN from Gazprom

Changing a law to give compensations

to customers, but cash will not have

People not to expect that they will receive money with a postal record as compensation after a backdated gas price reduction from August 5, 2019 to March 31, 2020. This is what EWRC President Ivan Ivanov told the energy committee in parliament.

He clarified that the reduction in the price of gas will lead to cheaper not only of heating, but also of electricity due to the cogeneration of the heating systems with which they produce electricity.

But the Energy Act does not allow payment of compensation and fixing the price of gas every month, as envisaged by the modified contract with Gazprom.

Bulgargaz boss Nikolay Pavlov clarified that on 11 March the company will submit an application for gas price from 1 April, as well as for 8 months back. In addition, Gazprom will transfer BGN 150 million to the accounts of the company at the end of March.

Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova said that for the first time they are in such a situation, usually it has to be paid, and now there is to be obtained. A working group at the Ministry of Energy will seek the resolution of several issues.

The first is how the customers of gas, heating and electricity will be compensated. The Chairman of EWRC Ivanov proposes to reduce the prices further with these BGN 150 million.

The second question is the monthly determination of the price of blue fuel and what comes next. And whether the heating and current also need to be changed every month.

Energy Commission Chairman Valentin Nikolov said that MPs were open to making changes to the Energy Act and were waiting for concrete proposals.