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Airlines before bankruptcy. They want up to BGN 20 million in aid

Charter airlines face bankruptcy if the state does not support them with between BGN 15 and 20 million. This was stated by the Association of the Bulgarian Aviation Industry. They held a press conference a day after the Association of Bulgarian Airlines announced a letter to the prime minister and five ministers offering proposals to support commercial aviation.
The Small Airlines Association said charters were around 30 with a total of 60 aircraft. During the summer season they fly mostly from and to Bulgaria, but in winter they were exported to foreign markets. Now because of the pandemic it is impossible, said Anelia Marinova of airline Fly2Sky. According to her, the costs of a small airline per month are BGN 500,000, because even if the planes are on the ground are leased, they are kept able to be ready to fly, the staff trained.

The president of the association Todor Ivandzhikov said that there is a danger that our country will be left without aircraft, repair aircraft, no ground service companies, pilots and engineers. And recovery will be much more expensive.

The longer the aid is, the more money it will take, he said.

Data were exported that Croatia supported aviation by 12 million euros, Romania by 62 million euros and Greece by 120 million euros.

The Transport Minister said proposals from both aviation organisations are being considered, when there is a solution, it will be communicated.