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Alcohol traded at 6.85 BGN per liter on the Sofia Stock Exchange

In the sub-round “Food” prices of the main raw materials continue to be stable and unchanged, trade is more volatile, reports the Sofia Stock Exchange /USB/. There is a strong interest for ethyl pure spirit, where this week there are no small quantities at the price of 6.85 lv per liter, reported by the exchange.
In the subcircle “Industrial Goods” of the ABS this week there were traditional goods from the group of energy carriers. For sale was gasoline А95Н in the range 1691.67 - 1750.00 BGN/thousand l and gasoline А100H of 1958.33 BGN/thousand liters.

There were purchases for diesel fuel of 1386.00 BGN/thousand liters; diesel B6 from 1700.00 to 1770.00 BGN/thousand liters and diesel fuel ESTO of 1983.33 BGN/thousand liters. Gas propane butane was sold at a price of 750.00-800.00 BGN/thousand liters and gas oil at the price of 1560.00 BGN/thousand liters.

In the subcircle “Grain” of the Sofia Stock Exchange, traders are cautious and offers have declined. Fodder wheat is searched at 315.00-330.00 BGN per tonne. Offers for corn vary between 260.00 and 300.00 BGN for supply and demand, and for oilseed sunflower the demand is 630.00-650.00 BGN. All prices are without VAT.


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