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AliExpress with ambitions to increase its market share in Poland

AliExpress, an online trading platform in China, has set itself a goal of increasing its market share in Poland in the coming years, a company official told local media on Monday, Radio China reports.
In an interview with a Polish agency, Garo Top, president of the Central and Eastern Europe department, said the Polish market is long-term tied to AliExpress because of its huge potential for growth. The company plans to expand its consumer services there in 2021. These include expanding the assortment of products with a delivery time of three days, as well as deferred payments.

“AliExpress has been active in Central and Eastern Europe since 2017, and Poland is a key market in the area”, Top added. “Since then, we have seen huge growth, especially when it comes to the Polish e-commerce market, which is the fastest growing and most innovative in Europe,” he added.

AliExpress is currently the second largest all-e-commerce platform in Poland, with approximately 5.87 million active users in 2020, 4.8 million more compared to 2019. E-commerce in Poland is expected to increase by 27% this year.


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