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All plumbing in the country stop going to houses

All water supply operators in the country are suspending the sending of cashers to people's homes to report water meters by 29 March. This was announced at an extraordinary briefing Regional Minister Petya Avramova.
Such an injunction to water operators was issued by the ministry. Sofijska Voda has already announced that it is suspending the reading of the water meters until further notice.

During this period, plumbing operators will issue water bills based on the previous months. If the March 29 deadline is to be extended, people will be notified further, Avramova said.

“In order for there to be no speculation, consumers should know that if someone pretends to be an incauser and wants to enter your home, it may not be with good intentions”, Minister Avramova warned.

The regional minister explained that citizens can report their water meters themselves and communicate the testimony to the water supply operators by phone, via internet or text. Indications on the reporting methods can be found on the websites of the companies concerned. The plumbing operators will use all possible means of communication to notify their customers.

The MRDB recommend that there are no crowding of people at the checkouts for payment of water bills, alternative methods of payment - via electronic transfer, bank transfer, as well as in the salons of Bulgarian Posts, the cash desks of “Izzy pei” and others.

The Minister stressed that the premises with the cash desks will be allowed a limited number of people depending on the size of the room and the number of cash desks in it. These premises will be disinfected, with employees provided with the necessary protective equipment.

All services provided by MRDB, NSCC, AGCC, as well as plumbing operators will be performed, and it is recommended if possible to bet on the electronic exchange of information, Minister Avramova stressed.