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Angelkova: From 13 May the domestic tourism starts

We are counting on having an active summer season from July 1. From 13 May, domestic tourism will be able to take place - then the ban on travel for tourism purposes is abolished. In stages, guest houses and small hotels will be opened in compliance with the measures. This is what Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova told BNT.
She clarified that the difference with large hotels is that they have more capacity and need to assess whether they can comply with all measures. However, hotels have not been closed, Angelkova was adamant.

The concessionaires want an individual approach to each beach. I hope through dialogue we can find the golden section, the balance. We have suggested that there should be an individual approach, but another question is what parliament will decide. There are already contracts concluded - they will hardly be terminated. We all want to have free umbrellas and sun loungers, and symbolic prices. Where, however, the signed treaties do not allow it, we will try to find a solution to help domestic tourism, Angelkova commented.

The minister said that it is not known when our country will be able to accept foreign tourists.

We still don't have a tour operator who has declared bankruptcy. I hope the risk will be minimized, but it is not clear in which part of our sector there will be bankruptcies, Angelkova clarified.