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Angelkova: There is no way when there is quarantine, there can be tourism

This summer will be very difficult and very different, announced on BNT Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova.
The main priority for her and her department is attracting native tourists to our Black Sea resorts.

Angelkova pointed out that a videoconference call with the prime ministers of Romania, Serbia, Greece is to be able to carry out the coordination and details on which the trip and holidays will take place.

"There is no way when there is quarantine, there can be tourism. This in itself turns away people who would like to make their journey. And certainly the European Commission recommended that there be no quarantine.”

According to Minister Angelkova, in order to welcome foreign tourists on the Black Sea coast, the main thing is the epidemic situation in a country and that between the countries have equal conditions for travel.

"It is key whether we will have the opportunity from the beginning of June to welcome tourists from our neighbouring countries because road transport is at this stage the most affordable and safest in view of the fact that plans are still being made by airlines to resume air transport. Since June 15 in Bulgaria there are no cancellations charter flights, which are currently booked as capacity at the airports in Varna and Bourgas.

The Minister also announced that there will be separate rooms in the hotels along the sea, where if suspected people infected with coronavirus, they will be isolated until the medical teams arrive.

"When there is a suspicion of a coronavirus - there is no way for employees or managers to assess whether this tourist has a coronavirus or anything else. We didn't anticipate and we won't quarantine the entire hotel. After all, this will be the biggest challenge of summer tourism not only in Bulgaria, but everywhere. The rules that are in other countries are much stricter than what we give in order to meet the minimum epidemic requirements in our country,” Minister Angelkova told me.

Asked whether the ministry will allow the hotels to accommodate guests and indoors meals, Angelkova pointed out that all this will depend on the spread of the infection being at very low levels.

"As a minister, I have set this as a condition that when cases of infected people fall, closed restaurants can be opened as well, because in this way there will be a greater opportunity to offer a quality tourist product”.

She promised that the prices of sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach will be reduced by a minimum of 50%, but the prices will still be different.

15 beaches so far all over the Black Sea coast have offered zero prices, Angelkova pointed out, but did not specify.