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Angelkova with bad forecasts for tourism

About 296 thousand people are employed in the tourism sector in Bulgaria, but serious redundancies are ahead, predicted Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova.
Minister Angelkova took part in the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy and Tourism, where MEPs discussed measures to take our country to limit the COVID-19 infection and to overcome the effects of the virus.

“Tourism is in an unprecedented difficult situation. Unfortunately, worldwide. The situation is not only in Bulgaria. Travel has been suspended everywhere,” she noted.

Angelkova quoted an analysis of the World Tourism Organization, according to which if the spread of the infection lasts more than two or three months, a 25% decline in international travel is expected.

According to the Ministry's information, a total of 73 are Bulgarians who went on an excursion abroad during the epidemic, who must be brought back to Bulgaria.

“I hope that there are no such irresponsible people who, in this international crisis and in this situation, organize excursions abroad and then we wonder how to bring our fellow citizens back into the country”, Angelkova bewildered.

She assured that there is constant contact with all tour operators in the country.

Minister Angelkova told the deputies that it is still very difficult to make predictions for the upcoming summer tourist season, as well as “whether there will be any”. It will also start working on a crisis advertising strategy in the field of tourism.