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“Armaco Energy” - partner and supplier of electricity for your business

Armaco Energy AD is a licensed electricity trader and coordinator of a balancing group and is a partner of companies and other non-profit consumers that go on the free market of electricity from October 1st.
The company is registered on the free market of electricity and, on the basis of contracts for supply of electricity, sells to final customers.

If you choose us as a trader, from there on we will carry out the steps of your company's exit to the liberalised market.

We prepare and perform the full registration of our customers on the electricity market and this is what the team of specialists in the company takes care of.

The service is free of charge and includes preparation of documents, analyses and schedules, installation and subsequent maintenance of user measurement systems.

The invoice issued by Armaco Energy is uniform and includes the cost of network services (transmission through and access to the electricity distribution and transmission network) and the cost of net active electricity. The company performs balancing for its clients in its capacity as coordinator of the balancing group. Thus, the company reduces the negative impact on monthly electricity costs of shortages and surplus prices.

• Energy Management Center, which has specialists to maintain the service and modern equipment, allows to reduce and optimize energy costs.

• Our team processes data from your consumption and evaluates potential deviations. The data shall be used to ensure a balance by real-time monitoring of the quantities of electricity measured hourly.

Before reaching the electricity to our customer, Armaco Energy deals at freely negotiated prices both from producers and from other traders who have a license to trade electricity or from the exchange, import, renewable energy, etc.

Manufacturers who are looking for a reliable partner for the purpose of selling their electricity can contact us. We offer favorable payment terms, long-term orders and the purchase of good quantities of electricity.