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At Kozloduy NPP Hero Mustafa discussed new facilities with the equipment from Belene

At Kozloduy NPP, US Ambassador Hero Mustafa and the management of the plant discussed a hybrid solution for the new facilities at the plant. This is clear from a message on the U.S. Embassy Facebook profile.
It shows that the two sides discussed this hybrid decision to maximize the use of equipment Bulgaria purchased before for the Belene project, complemented by the best in class technologies from a number of Western suppliers.

"Such a project would be more financially sustainable than other options and would benefit from the already existing major technical, environmental and seismic advantages of Kozloduy, highly qualified staff, training centre, safety and security measures and infrastructure for the transmission of electricity. The successful hybrid project in Kozloduy would guarantee a large volume of safe, reliable, carbon-free energy for Bulgarian citizens, while strengthening Bulgaria's energy independence and security.”

As in “24 hours” already announced Ambassador Hero Mustafa was at the nuclear plant as a continuation of the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Nuclear Energy for Civil Purposes, signed between the United States and Bulgaria on 23 October. There she has studied the capacity for partnership in developing a solution for Bulgaria's future energy needs. The ambassador and the leadership of the Kozloduy NPP discussed how Kozloduy benefits from the infrastructure and human capital advantages that should make it a center of Bulgarian nuclear energy for the next generations, it becomes clear from the embassy's announcement.