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At least one million lost their jobs in Europe in 2 weeks

At least one million people have lost their jobs in Europe in the past two weeks, according to the latest survey by the European Trade Union Confederation (ECP), Euronews reported, quoted by Focus.
The information is from trade unions across Europe and includes only the unemployed who have applied for social benefits.

"What we are going through right now, especially last week, is that the large number of companies that are disappearing from the market is increasing very quickly,” explains ECP Secretary General Luca Visintini.

"Thousands and thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises that have been closed will not be able to return to the market because they are dying. And on the other side, we are witnessing at least one million workers who have lost their jobs in different countries of Europe.”

The true number of unemployed people including non-contract workers and freelancers may be much higher.

"Can you imagine what will happen after Easter if this situation does not improve through some extraordinary measures?” asks Visentini.

"There is a possibility to increase this number three or four times”.

Earlier, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) informed that up to 36 million people worldwide could lose their jobs.

"Much of these losses will happen in Europe unless urgent decisions are made on the continent about how to deal with this state of emergency,” Visentini warned.

Trade unions call on the EU to take measures to save jobs with employer compensation systems. For this to happen, a fund of 200-400 billion is needed. Otherwise, coping with the crisis later will cost much more, according to Visentini.

"The problem is that we don't have enough money. Therefore, the only way to ensure that systems can cope with this state of emergency is for the EU to raise money to fund the insurance systems.”

The EU has already announced that it will allow its member states to exceed the set limit on their budget deficits in order to cope with the crisis and will also give them access to existing crisis funds worth 37 billion euros.


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