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Avramova: I will file a lawsuit against Mr. Ilchovski

“Mr. Ilchowsky's summoned by you, has made an accusation against me. How none of you, Mr. Sandov, Mr. Georgiev, thought to ask Mr. Ilchovski what my phone is. Tell me this phone so we can see if you have it or you're lying. I want to say that I will file a lawsuit to this man I saw that night for the first time”, retired Regional Minister Petya Avramova said during the revision committee. Her word was given shortly before 21 hours, 5 hours after the session began.
“I want you to guarantee me my security in front of this man because I am afraid of him,” Avramova addressed the commission chief Maya Manolova.

"I am outraged by the way this committee has gone, I asked for the floor several times, you act like you do not see me”, continued Avramova.

"I am also outraged that you escaped, and you and your colleagues in parliamentary control,” Manolova

I am leave and my colleagues are on leave. And the director of “Highways” is gone. In Germany is also the head of the Management Board of Plumbing Holding, Avramova listed.

"How did you all go on leave”, replicated Manolova.

"No one knows your committee and its agenda, which is changed every day, replied Avramova. I am a leave from the 26th, no one arranges their day according to your program”, added Avramova.

After this exchange of pleasantries, the committee continued with the hearing of the head of the RDNSC in Burgas and DB MP Dimitar Naydenov, who told at length the story of the construction of the retaining wall of Alepu, which at one point turned into a hotel.

As the head of the RDNSC in Burgas affected the fact that the new owner of the project is the brother of a man who was third on the list of the party “Stand up! Mutri out!”, Maya Manolova began to interrupt him and scream at him. The resurgence grew into her menace that “We will now take out the contracts of Atomagistrali”, let's see who the company paid 100 million BGN to and to whom GBS Tours is”. It was about the firm that owned the project and was sold to the new buyer.

Later Petya Avramova was accused by members of the committee that the leadership of the NCSC did not attend the meeting. The retired minister responded that the DNC chief was on leave and she had judged she might not interrupt him. The previous head of the RDNC in Burgas, who issued the permit for the retaining wall-hotel, has been fired for a long time and therefore he cannot make him attend. Moreover, permits for construction in the areas of the Black Sea are issued by the local authorities, construction control can only sanction in case of violation. In addition, these construction permits have already been attacked by the prosecution and the case has not been concluded.

Maya Manolova, however, countered that the leadership of the NCSC, RIEW, the chief architect of Burgas and the other officials should also bear the responsibility and she will try to make this happen, no matter how the court will rule.

Wait for details!