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BCCI also wants to open large non-food stores

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed support to the demands of large non-food stores to revise the restrictive measures on them.
BCCI has sent its opinion to the government and the National Operations Headquarters. So did the big non-food chains yesterday. In it, they said they did not support anti-epidemic measures that halted customer visits to non-food stores over 300sq m.

The industry says that retail outlets that offer non-food goods, subject to distance, there are no crowds of people and the flow of customers does not justify the imposed ban. Anti-epidemic measures are at times more effective and adequately applicable to a larger area of shops, and closing them leads to redirecting the entire customer flow to smaller sites.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that all businesses should be treated equally. The current epidemiological situation presupposes that the state introduces certain restrictive measures, which, however, need to be medically justified. Thus, without sufficient arguments, the state puts large retail chains at a disadvantage.