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Belene NPP again in question

The new nuclear plant may not be in Belene. This was announced by Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova, who attended the presentation of energy analysis by the CITUB.
In her words, a project of a new energy strategy of Bulgaria by 2030 is already ready. It also does not provide for the suspension of coal plants. The unions, in turn, demanded a solution for the large debts in energy, reports BNT.

Bulgaria needs new nuclear capacities, but the Belene NPP may not be finished.

"We are talking about the need for commissioning a new nuclear power after 2030, which will be from 2000 megawatts, but it is not said where”, said Temenuzhka Petkova.

Skeptical about the construction of the plant are also unions.

"Personally, I am a certain skeptic that we will see the Belene nuclear power plant in one of the coming years for one main reason that as we want, and we want entirely on a market principle, the account will be very difficult to come out, on which it has to invest,” Plamen Dimitrov said.

However, the Minister was adamant that our country cannot operate at this time without nuclear power and coal capacity because it does not have other basic plants.

"We do not have overpower, our base capacities are 3764 megawatts coal plants and 2000 megawatts Kozloduy. That's it, everything else is gone,” Petkova said.

The Minister explained that the project of a new energy strategy of Bulgaria is ready, but it is yet to be discussed. However, the project does not in any case provide for the closure of coal plants. There is no such requirement from Brussels, either, despite the green deal.

"What people need to know is that in no European Union document, in no directive you will see a text that makes it clear that by the date x, y or z, coal plants should be closed”, Petkova added.

"For us it is important to see energy security, long-term solutions, because every decision turns out to be worth billions of levs not only to the government but also to society”, Plamen Dimitrov commented.

The CITUB also asked for more guarantees both for workers in the sector and for dealing with the accumulated over BGN 4 billion in state energy.


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