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BGN 1.4 billion in the electricity grid in the next 10 years

BGN 1.4 billion of investments in the electricity grid by 2029 is planned by the Electricity System Operator. The forecast is in the 10-year network development plan, which the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission is to discuss.
The development of the network is related to the construction of new capacities and the estimated consumption in the country.

The electricity system operator has developed a minimum and maximum consumption scenario in the country. It also gives the forecast of the Ministry of Energy in the integrated plan “Climate — Energy”, which is the highest — 40,14 million megawatt hours for 2020 and 41.1 million levs for 2029.

The maximum ESO scenario envisages 38.95 million MWh consumption this year and 40.8 million for 2029. The minimum consumption in 2029 is lower than this year's forecast, at 37.55 million after 10, compared to 37.9 million for this year.

According to the system operator, our country has capacities to cover the use of electricity. But in scenarios of unwindy but cold winter, such as the one in 2017, it is possible to import or activate the so-called slow tertiary reserve of producers, that is, large industries, consuming a lot of electricity, to reduce power if necessary, for which they are paid.

The forecast for capacity in the country envisages an increase of renewable energy sources by another 1465 megawatts, with the most being photovoltaic and wind plants, 659 and 673 megawatts, which are only 69 megawatts.

Teaths and cogeneration increase by a new 564 megawatts, or in total new capacity after 10 years is 2029, with the largest share of the veites.

ESO also refers to the Climate Energy Plan, which envisions a drastic reduction in coal plants by 2029, from 4301 megawatts now to 2701 megawatts in 2029. An increase in gas plants was recorded from 1909 megawatts now to 2395 after 10 years.

No nuclear power is listed in the system operator's plan, as its release is foreseen for outside the ten-year period under consideration - for 2030-2040. But with positive development of the Belene project, a doubling of the 400 kilovolt ring of the network is envisaged in the north of the country, which will lead to greater stabilization of the system.

For a stable electricity system, even more so with an increase in the share of veits, the plan envisages the completion of the dam “Yadenitsa”, the second leveller of PAVET “Chaira”.