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BGN 111 million more for road repair next year

In 2020, 618 km of road were fixed,
started work on the section of

“Trakia” between Chirpan and Stara Zagora

In the budget of MRRB for 2021, 111 million BGN more for ongoing repairs and maintenance of the Republican road network than in 2020. This was reported by the ministry on Tuesday. Thus, only the road agency will have nearly BGN 250 million, not counting the money allocated targeted by the central budget.

262 million BGN is planned to be invested next year in strengthening road sections affected by geodynamic processes.

Next year, work will continue on major road projects, including the Hemus, Struma and Europa highways, Veliko Tarnovo - Ruse, the ring road of Sofia and the road Vidin - Botevgrad.

This year 618 km of republican roads have been repaired, 58 km are at the final stage. The repair of nearly 100 km of Trakia highway between Chirpan and Stara Zagora was also started, which are in poor condition and where the speed of movement was limited for a long time at 90 km per hour. Part of one canvas has already been refurbished, and work will continue into 2021.

The marking was renewed at 1744 km, 1421 km of new mantinellas and about 15 800 road signs were placed. There are 986 km of republican roads under repair, and nearly 2100 km have been repaired since the beginning of the government's term. 78 km of entirely new routes have been built, another 172 km are being made at the moment.

Out of this year's budget, nearly 760 million levs have been allocated additional for repair and construction of roads. Nearly one-third of the amount goes to fixing the highways “Hemus”, “Thrace”, “Lyulin” and “Struma”. For ongoing repair and maintenance of the Republican road network, 367m BGN has been allocated. The money will go to priority road sections in need of emergency emergency repair work to increase road safety.

49.5 million levs are to strengthen landslides on roads. These were 74 sections, and they had to be worked quickly so as not to jeopardise the safety of the passengers.