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BGN 95 million support with working capital has been paid so far by the NRA

The application deadline expired on January 20
More than 10 000 applications for grants totaling BGN 95 million have been approved and paid so far under the working capital support programme administered by the National Revenue Agency. Applicants operating more than 15 000 sites in the country, including establishments, shopping mall sites, tour operators and touragents and many others, received today nearly BGN 15 million in funding under the second phase of the programme to compensate the financial consequences of anti-epidemic measures imposed in March. This was reported by the NRA.

Under this scheme, traders affected by anti-epidemic measures imposed by orders from the Minister of Health receive 20% or 10% of their turnover for the respective periods of 2019 or 2020, the NRA recalled.

The programme will continue in its third phase with regard to businesses affected by the latest order of the Minister of Health on 30.03.2021 imposing restrictions on certain economic sectors. The specific parameters of support are discussed jointly by the NRA and Operational Programme “Innovation and Competitiveness” (OPIC) and will be announced within a week.

The evaluation of the project proposals continues, and more applications will be approved for support by the end of the week.

“Liquidity support with working capital reached nearly BGN 100 million at a time when businesses need it most. We are satisfied that the NRA can be useful to society even in an atypical role in the complex health and economic environment we are in,” said the executive director of the revenue agency Galya Dimitrova.