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Big chains with first reaction after new measures

I would like to thank the health authorities and the economic ministry. It's really nice that we work together and get along well.
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This was stated at a briefing in the Ministry of Economy Yordan Mateyev from the Association for Modern Trade after a meeting with Minister Lachezar Borisov and the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof.

"Obviously, there is no way to put a security guard next to every client. If customers don't want to follow the measures, we have no way of opposing them. That's why we're asking for help from the state and you media.

Combustion and cruel sanctions for violators of measures in supermarkets and shops

This assistance should be expressed in a serious and large explanatory campaign about the need to comply with the measures. I also appeal to all citizens to comply with anti-epidemic measures. We need to endure a little more, start vaccination and relax the measures,” Mateyev announced.

"There are big holidays ahead and it is clear that there will be queues in front of the big chains. Here we will again seek help from the state and demand that there be police in front of the big shops to ensure order.

Anyone who does not comply with the measures must bear their punishment. Here I am talking about both merchants and customers. We don't have to take a test on whether or not our health care system will hold.

We all know what the situation is and we must follow the measures. Surely we can guarantee the food of the population”, the Association for Modern Trade said categorically.



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