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In November 2020, the deposits of the non-governmental sector in the Bulgarian banking system amounted to BGN 91.39 billion (82.3% of the projected GDP), with their annual increase by 9.7% after growth by 8.7 months earlier (in October 2020), according to data from the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB).
The deposits of non-financial enterprises in November amounted to BGN 28,552 billion (25.7% of GDP), growing on an annual basis by 11% after their increase by 9.4% in the previous month.

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At the same time, deposits of financial enterprises grew by 18.4% on an annual basis after an increase by 4.8% in October and reached in the eleventh month of the year BGN 3,501 billion (3.2% of GDP).

At the end of November, the deposits of households and NTOLD (non-commercial organizations serving households) amounted to BGN 59.337 billion (53.5% of GDP), rising on an annual basis by 8.5% after growth by 8.6% in October.

Loans to the non-governmental sector in the eleventh month of 2020amounted to BGN 65,332 billion (58.9% of GDP) compared to loans amounting to BGN 64.863 billion in October 2020, growing on an annual basis by 4.1% (compared to November 2019).

According to the data of BNB, loans to non-financial corporations increased in November by 2.2% year-on-year after a rise by 2.2% and a month earlier, reaching BGN 35,589 billion (32.1% of GDP).

Loans to households and NTOLD in November amount to BGN 25,474 billion (22.9% of GDP), and compared to November 2019 they have increased by 6.9% after an increase by 7.1% in October 2020.

In November, residential loans amounted to BGN 11.897 billion and grew on an annual basis by 11.8% (with an annual increase by 11.9% in October), while consumer loans amounted to BGN 11.926 billion at the end of November and were 5.4% above the November 2019 levels after their increase by 5.9% earlier.

At the end of last month, loans provided to financial enterprises amounted to BGN 4.269 billion (3.8% of GDP), growing on an annual basis by 3.7% after their growth with a full 34.3% in October 2020.

Net foreign assets at the end of November increased by 16.3% compared to a year earlier, reaching BGN 67,398 billion.

Foreign assets increased by 11.3% (after an increase by 9.8% in October 2020), reaching BGN 75,774 billion, while foreign liabilities amounted to BGN 8,376 billion, decreasing on an annual basis by 17.1% (after a decrease by 15.3% in October 2020).


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