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Borisov and Mutafchiyski announced how the new application will help loosen measures

“This application will greatly help people coming home from abroad. If he submits his data at the border, after 14 days he'll automatically receive a message saying he's not in quarantine. That's going to help border officers a lot. Yes, there is a risk”, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov commented on the occasion of the newly created application, which will monitor the symptoms of citizens through the phones in real time.
We recall that the government implemented is a mobile application with which citizens inform about their current status. Within about 10 days, a central register was made to collect the information and send it to the health authorities. This information will go to the government and the authorities of the Ministry of Interior.

"What these guys have done is for the benefit of the citizens. It would ease the administration. If we repeat once again that it is voluntary, we will doubt the people,” the Prime Minister added.

"WHO said categorically that the measures should not be weakened, and they know better than me and the neighbour”, Borisov said.

"We need enough information. So we will find out who has been infected and who has become ill, and as a result, we can decide at which stage to loosen the measures. These are the answers that citizens are waiting for. We follow in the footsteps of the best in the world”, added Gen. Ventzislav Mutafchiyski.

"The prime minister of Korea said that the greatest success in the fight against the coronavirus is based on this application”, Borisov said.