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Borisov announced wonderful news for the poorest pensioners

Older people with the lowest pensions will receive Easter supplements. The news was announced by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov during an inspection of the Hemus Highway.
Borisov in the first words about the barricade of nurses video

He explained that in the morning with the coalition partners they discussed granting over BGN 50 million for pension supplements.

The pensioners last received an additional 40 BGN each for Christmas, which cost the Treasury 51 million BGN.

"We're doing this for the eighth time. This means that nearly half a billion has been given more to pensioners during our rule,” Borisov commented at the time.

"I have proposed that GERB give 10,000 leva each to the families of the fallen workers during the construction of Hemus Motorway. We will not bring people back, but this way we will support their loved ones and show that we are not indifferent”, the Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.