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Borisov bitten Radev cruelly: I'm not throwing the money out of the jeep, but... VIDEO

“If there wasn't a pandemic, it wouldn't be so hard for the world. Bulgaria has never needed unity so much.” This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov during his visit to the village of Birkova, Municipality of Velingrad, where he inspected the new Primary School “Dr. Petar Beron”.
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“Yesterday the head of state used very harsh words for the budget we have created and so many specialists work on recovery. In fact, this is the cheap talk that money was thrown out of the jeep,” Borisov said.

Radev described an apocalyptic picture for the next cabinet

“Here is a typical example — children studied in dugout, now they have a good school. The roads were impassable, now you see what they are,” the prime minister said.

“The villages are all Muslims, but how do we tell these people that they are Bulgarian citizens with rights, having no road, kindergarten and sports hall”, he said.

“According to Radev, this was a budget of ruin, this is what we were going to leave behind. We are preparing to meet the budget. I want to remind you that I pulled the state out of the worst financial crisis 2008-2009, when we defeated the Triple Coalition, we had a hole in the budget and we entered the worst financial crisis,” Borisov added.

"Then Djankov was a minister and we made the most post budget. We have not only taken the country out of the financial crisis by mocking me that my pizza is lean. So, not only did we remove and stabilize, but also received us in the waiting room of the Eurozone”, Borissov added.

"The second time we came, we found the carved CCB with 4 billion 700 — the hole for which we collected money from smuggling and fighting corruption and recovered it,” Borisov said.

“Then I paid both Russian reactors for Belene”, he added.

“What gives you the right to say now, Mr. Radev, that this is a budget of ruin. When Radev calls and bites, a world credit agency for Bulgaria comes out and cuts that we are fine, “he said.

“In a word Minister Ananiev made a budget with which the maximum amount of money will go to the people. Therefore, an increase in income by up to 10-15 -30% is seen. The frontline people will get extra money,” he said.