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Borisov checks strategic economic site by helicopter LIVE

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov examined from the air the construction and installation works on the future site of Compressor Station “Rasovo”, which is part of the project for expansion of the gas transmission infrastructure of Bulgartransgaz from the Bulgarian-Turkish to the Bulgarian-Serbian border.
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“This is the progress compressor stations, the most powerful compressors to increase the pressure on the Balkan flow. You can see in a month how much progress he has made. This is where we work at full speed. Nearly 240 km there are pipes laid. People saw how the pipes were laid,” Prime Minister Borisov said during the air inspection.

The Prime Minister added that work is being carried out in full compliance with anti-epidemic measures. Borissov stressed that at the same time farmers continue to carry out the agricultural activity and the fields are cultivated and sown.

“Everywhere tractors and machines, simultaneously with agriculture “Balkan Stream” goes away. And everyone gets their wages. In this crisis, every salary relieves and helps, gives the opportunity to give to those who do not have “, Boyko Borisov was adamant.

Compressor station “Rasovo” will be equipped with 3 compressor units of the latest generation, producing the American company Solar Turbines, which is the leader in the sector. On the site, besides the three gas turbo-coupling units, there will be an administrative building, production and service buildings.

Reinforcement of the ground foundation by compaction with heavy tamping and execution of soil - cement pillows under all buildings, as well as under the compressor foundations.

The rough construction and internal electrical and plumbing installations of the buildings are completed. The foundations under the gas turbocharged aggregates are performed. Work is also carried out on pipe networks, site plumbing networks and roads.

The second compressor station from the route of “Balkan Stream” — “Nova Provadia” is to be built.