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Borisov entered a plant and saw a unique technology VIDEO

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Economy Minister Lachezar Borisov inspect a plant. “4000 miners work in the mines and everything works at max, on export”, the prime minister said in a video on his Facebook account.
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The Prime Minister was acquainted with the activities of the company KCM - 2000, and the circular technology of work that was shown to him was determined from the director as unique to the world

"260 million leva will be the investment”, Borissov said.

"This is why we need the investment - non-ferrous metals will be needed under all new technologies”, the prime minister said, adding that by 2050 there should be zero emissions.

"The new investment is for how much? We bring you a certificate to present it to you now,” said good news for the company the Prime Minister.

Here labour as much as you want”, the Prime Minister noted. However, the director of the KCM told him that there were already difficulties in finding labour.

A representative of the plant also said that they suffer damage from high emissions prices. “We are leaving with 5-6 million levs because of emissions compared to our competitors in Western Europe,” he said.

Borisov said that “2050 year zero emissions should be, there will be no compromise on green deals”.

"Kovid-19 wants peace, today is my third day, fourth negative, I am so glad”, Borisov boasted.

"1000 people are already returning to work. We've all made the covida. Should we hang up and panic people? Now we're on the front line until these others go through these 15 days. It's heavy, but it goes by. Why the urge to panic people that we're going to shut down the country? We have to overcome it so that next year they can write again that Bulgaria is doing well. Thanks to the likes of you, only Bulgaria is going well”, Borisov said.