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Borisov: I am not misled about the dismissals in the BDB (Obzor)

“Since I didn't know, I don't feel misled. If you don't have the understanding that when we talk about how every company, shop, self-insuring — artists, artists, to save, you suddenly give 75 million leva credit. At least call and tell me, it's a clean deal.” This was stated by Prime Minister Borisov on Thursday on the occasion of Mavrodiev's dismissal for a loan of BGN 75 million to a collector firm, with which it would buy bad loans from two banks. A day earlier, the banker said the prime minister had been misled and unfamiliar with the whole deal.
“I've fired a lot of people. Mavrodiev wrote the first program of GERB 17 years ago”, Borisov said.

“As good as the deal is, if I knew, I wouldn't have given them. I would have recommended keeping this £75m because the business support money that is provided may not be enough. The main task of the government is to keep money for wages and pensions, for vital systems of the state. We have been in a situation where the pension was $3 and we know what it was,” the prime minister said.

He explained that the Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov had no fault for the loan granted, even though he was a BDB principal and that his deputy Lachezar Borisov voted for the deal as a member of the bank's supervisory board.

“Am I a person of Prokopyev and “Capital”? If you open their publications for the last 15 years, I do not know if you will find a case where they praised me,” Borisov said on allegations that the removal of Mavrodiev was in favor of Ivo Prokopyev - publisher of Capital. He and Mavrodiev fought war for years.

“I said why I released them - BGN 75 million to be given by a state bank in this situation without notifying me, without informing the principals, it is not beautiful, it is not right. To tell you honestly, seeing Donchev how he felt uncomfortable to answer this question, even in the evening I did this work, I did not wait for the question of whether I was misled or not,” the prime minister explained. And he specified: “Suddenly a lot of people started talking about support from the state as a restaurateur with a gold chain who, if he sold it, would have spent three months with the money.”