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Borisov inspects a vaccine test machine for COVID in Plovdiv (Video)

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov visited Plovdiv in a company specializing in industrial robotics and systems production. With him are Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev and Minister of Economy Lachezar Borissov.
Yesterday Borisov was visiting the Pazardzhik part of the Rhodope Mountains.

"Here with these machines test the vaccines for COVID. They are for a Canadian company,” said the director of the industrial robot plant Milara International in Plovdiv Krasimir Petkov. He said 250 people work there and half of them are engineers and added that they take higher wages than the national average. The plant also produces robots, parts for electric cars and dental machines.

"We are participating in 7 vaccines against coronavirus. We try not to create panic, but on the other side of the scale are the doctors. There are no CPPs. The economy is all working, nothing has changed. More than 100 million levs extra went to health care this month alone. And this at 10% tax,” Borisov said.

"Plovdiv robot manufacturer Milara invests 10 million euros and starts making freight electric vehicles as well. By the end of the year 160 electric trucks will be assembled here, and from the middle of the next month the productivity will grow to 500 pieces. The plant is located in “Thrace Economic Zone”. An attractive place for investment and innovation has been created next to Plovdiv, which leads to better conditions for living and development of people”, Borisov wrote on his Facebook account.