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Borisov inspects the road to the Rila Monastery (Video)

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov inspects the construction of the retaining wall on the road to the Rila Monastery. This is clear from a video in the profile of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Facebook.
We recall that at the beginning of the year the road was blocked by a collapse.

With him is Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov and Mayor of Rila Georgi Kabzimalski.

The work on the road was very heavy, except with equipment we used climbers who worked by hand, Nankov said. Anchors are placed on the slopes, which hold the metal mesh to the ski of the mountain, so that there are no landslides of land mass.

The mayor of the city pointed out that in the town of Rila the schools were renovated, the municipality and four main streets will be repaired. Boyko Borisov thanked the mayor for withdrawing the complaint for discharges of water in the Rila Monastery area. For restoration and maintenance of the monastery we have given over 600 thousand leva and another two million leva for a treatment plant, Borisov said.

"The money is with you, do the work. I want it to be like a card here, when people come to worship so that there is not a single thing untempted”, the prime minister turned to the mayor.

"Over BGN 6 million cost the fortification of the collapse on the road to the Rila Monastery. For stabilization and erosion control of the skis, a geosposite matting is laid, covered with a high-strength steel mesh. It is fastened with steel anchors and mounting brackets. The renovation activities also included the restoration of the road surface in the section. Thank God for preserving the health of the builders who worked on extremely,” Borisov wrote on Facebook and posted a video of the repair, photographed by a drone.