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Borisov: Pipes for “Balkan Stream” arrive daily at port “Burgas” VIDEO

At the port “Burgas” daily arrive steel pipes, with which the “Balkan Stream” is built. Supplied at the temporary construction bases are a total of 19,947 pieces of pipes (239.36 km).
Currently, there are 6250 more pieces of pipes (75km) at the port, which will be transported to temporary bases next week.

This was announced by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in his Facebook account.

"The two compressor stations “Rasovo” and “Nova Provadia” will be able to increase the capacity of the Balkan Stream pipeline to 20 billion cubic meters, with a planned 15 billion,” said the prime minister, who inspects the pipe laying and construction of the Rasovo compressor station.

With increasing capacity, Balkan Stream will supply gas not only to Bulgaria but to Serbia, Hungary and Austria from the Greek gas connection.


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