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Borisov spared Radev: Do not wish the neighbor's wife that...

We don't have an adopted budget. The new EU has not been adopted and it is 6 billion less. Not only is there no buffer, we don't have the EU budget yet. Then how will it be accepted in parliament? This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov at an extraordinary briefing by the Council of Ministers.
“I sadly say that this European solidarity has broken into fluff and dust - every country closes borders and stops European citizens panicked,” he said.

"Many economists speak out and I know perfectly that if business does not help, there will be no industry and who to take taxes from. Simultaneously, wages, pensions, social and so on must be paid. Nothing fills the treasury and becomes like “Studena” dam, Borisov said.

"In Brussels, everyone is watching us live. From there, they tell us that - you have some money in the funds, take some of it. They don't come new money, we take from the rest of the old ones. There is also no EU budget where to give it,” Borisov said.

"Europe gives less money than the previous period, the only thing it gives is at your risk to raise the debt and the deficit, but you will pay for it,” he said.

"I have not heard a single president speak out against his government when everyone is at the front. Even the Queen hasn't said anything to Boris Johnson. In a moment of crisis to go out to get your own government”, the Prime Minister also reproach.

"There is a very good saying: “Do not wish the neighbor's wife, for it may become yours. I would say to Radev, don't wish your neighbor's wife wouldn't be yours. With his experts... I'll see him. So, in the circle of the joke, let's say things, “Boyko said.

"I may be bad, but I want to be a good owner. Let the oligarchs be impoverished at the expense of workers and society. How could everyone come from France from skiing and now we can take out the people's money and support them? It's not gonna happen. For a week and they already want money to support them. Who supported us by the first year we came to a deficit?”, he asked.

"To unite, only then can we go through the crisis”, Borisov finished.