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Borisov: We do not stop building in the pandemic (Video, photos)

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Mayor of Varna Ivan Portnih and Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva examined the new sports complex in the city.
Earlier, the Prime Minister visited a large workshop for the production of water heaters, then checked the completely renovated fishing port. Details read HERE.

"Do you remember what a cinder it was when you brought me for the first time, and now what it is,” Borisov recalled. The prime minister urged the mayor to pull out old photos and show what it was like before the renovation.

All this is done in the conditions of a pandemic - stadiums, pitches, halls, playgrounds, so people can use them. This was said by the Prime Minister, who visited the new sports complex in sq. “Vladislav Varnenchik” in Varna. The facility is part of the last constructed infrastructure projects in the seaside capital.

In the new sports complex in Vladislav Varnenchik area is built a multifunctional sports hall with 280 seats and underground parking. In the complex there is a football field, small door football fields, basketball and volleyball; two tennis courts, a running alley, a roller skate area, an outdoor gym, a children's playground, a park area, specified by the government press service.

The realization of the project is worth BGN 7.2 million from the budget of the municipality. In 2020, two more sports complexes were completed in Varna - on St. “Student” and in Vinnitsa.

He announced that 8 million levs will be allocated for gentrification of sq. “Apricot Garden” in Varna.

Borisov also highlighted other infrastructure projects - where to put pegs, so as not to enter cars in forbidden places.

He recalled: “The lowest external debt we have, the lowest deficit, vaccines come, Christmas and New Year holidays wonderful we spent without closing, as it was everywhere, the children went to school”.