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Borisov with important news about the additional payment of medical workers and pensions! BLITZ TV

“Only a united, strong, disciplined, cold-blooded and smart state can overcome what is happening”, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said at the urgent meeting under President Rumen Radev, where the spread of the coronavirus in Bulgaria was discussed.
“There is no country in Europe to have no shortage of every single consumable that you have said,” the Prime Minister addressed the head of state.

BLITZ recalls that at the beginning of the meeting the head of state exploded with the words “It's ugly! Don't do it!”.

"Indeed in Turkey I hit him on a request, but why. But first we have to think about our citizens. First we will satisfy our needs.

Fortunately we can sew protective masks and costumes. We will not export until we fully secure ourselves,” the prime minister was adamant.

From Borisov's words it became clear that the companies in our country that sew these protective masks and garments can sew a day from 2 to 8 thousand.

As for the funds, the prime minister said: “The Commission is like many of us - they say support, but the support consisted of saying “OK, you have your funds, restructure them!”.

"It has been decided to close borders to third countries. I asked them to send me a document because we have three land borders. I do not have a written order yet, we are ready, but we do not have an opinion,” the Prime Minister explained.

"Bulgarians discipline themselves. They see the threat. Our measures are adequate and aim for one thing - not gathering many people in one place,” Borisov said, supporting President Radev's words.

"From a budget surplus we are now at three and a half billion deficit”, announced the Prime Minister.

"Nothing at this point threatens the pension system. It is replenished from the budget”, said Borisov.

He explained that all medical workers who are on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus will receive an additional pure BGN 1000 per month and for this purpose will be transferred to their salaries grossly higher amounts to cover the deductions for taxes and insurance.