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Borissov: Bulgaria will have a key role in gas distribution in Europe (Renewed)

We are making a very good investment so that Bulgaria plays a key role in gas distribution and transportation of natural gas in Europe for decades to come, said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who made a view of the Balkan Stream on the territory of our country.
The Prime Minister checked progress on the route in the area of the Rasovo compressor station. Borisov pointed out that with this compressor station “Nova Provadia” the capacity of the Balkan flow to 20 billion cubic meters could be increased.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Balkan Stream will diversify gas along the entire route, not only for Bulgaria but also for Serbia, Hungary and Austria. The Prime Minister also pointed out that compressors are the best and allow for any gas of different origin to flow through Bulgarian gas highways. The Prime Minister added that the expansion of the Chiren gas reservoir is also beginning. Darina Koleva, an engineer of the site, reports on the stage at which the construction of the compressor station is being built. “The construction is going very well. The weather is with us, we are going well,” the builders noted, reported by the press service to the Council of Ministers.

The Balkan Stream project is part of the concept of the Balkan gas hub, which aims to strengthen the role of Bulgaria as a leading commercial distribution center in the region and the European Union.

To date, a total of 19,947 pieces of pipes or 239.36 km have been delivered to the temporary construction bases. At the port “Burgas” there are also 6250 pieces of pipes or 75 km., which begin to be transported to the temporary bases. Field works in the area of Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Lovech and Vratsa districts. The total cleaned humus from the easement of the gas pipeline is 162.6 km., the pipes spread along the route are 139.05 km., of which 113.45 km are welded.

For the full implementation of the project for expansion of the gas transmission infrastructure of Bulgartransgaz EAD from the Bulgarian-Turkish to the Bulgarian-Serbian border will be built two compressor stations — KS “Rasovo” and KS “Nova Provadia”, which will serve to increase the pressure along the route of” Balkan Stream”. The three compressor units in KS “Rasovo” and the four compressor units in KS “Nova Provadia” will be the newest generation, production of the American company Solar Turbines, which is the leader in the sector. The units will be equipped with low-emission combustion chambers, complying with the requirements of environmental legislation in the part of combustion plants, ensuring compliance with the permissible norms for the release of harmful pollutants into the ambient air.


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