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Boulatom boss with big news: With the power plant “Belene”...

Mr Frank Fannon is a political face and his statement is political. It's nice for him to look at the advisers who say these things to him because he managed to insult five countries, including his native US.
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This is what Bulatom Chief Bogomil Manchev said about last week's assertion by the Assistant Secretary of State at the Bureau of Energy resources of the US State Department Frank Fannon that the Belene NPP should not be built because it is old technology.

"Belene NPP is a third-generation technology - three plus and has passed a stress test. There is nothing true in Mr. Fannon's words. Whether we have dependency or do not have from Russia, I do not know, but we once again fell between the slaps of the big powers”, Manchev also said.

"Bulgaria is a small country and there is no way to implement the “green deal” without the nuclear power plant. With the Belene NPP I am adamant that the electricity bills will be frozen and will be predictable. If this project is not built, electricity prices will soar.

This is an extremely important project for our economy. Without it, there is no way to reduce harmful emissions. For me, Bulgaria must necessarily own 51% of the Belene NPP and it is not a problem to build the plant ourselves, but at the moment there is an auction going on and I hope it does not stop”, added the boss of Bulatom.


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Bulgaria notified Rosatom to postpone the deadlines for holding the auction for the construction of the Belene NPP because of the coronavirus pandemic. The time limits for extending the auction work will depend on the period of action of the restrictions due to the pandemic. This was announced by a representative of Rosatom.Coronavirus also hit Belene NPP
Administrator • 2020-04-26 01:30:19