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Boyko Borisov from Pazardzhik: The others are chattering 50 years and we are building VIDEO

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is back on a tour of the country. This time in Pazardzhik, where they built a new garbage dump in the city, the value of which is over 19 million leva. Together with him was Health Minister Kostadin Angelov, as well as Emil Dimitrov - Revizoro.
The mayor clarified that the old depot has already been reclaimed with BGN 4 million and its capacity has expired in 1986. clarified that these were heavy projects and thanked the power.

"This is why it was not done because it costs 31 million leva”, Borissov explained. 'To throw on the meadows is free.

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Therefore it was not done. Then they walk, set fire on the meadows. And then Angelov shouts first we have mortality”, said the prime minister, who noted that the site of the landfill was before a meadow filled with garbage.

Emil Dimitrov explained that the landfill will serve 7 municipalities.

Borisov examined the depot and the separation installation., the purpose of which is to reduce the volume, which then goes to the landfill cell. Part of the secondary waste is sold to other companies that use it for their production. The Prime Minister pointed out that similar depots are being built in Yambol and Shumen.

The mayor of Pazardzhik explained that they would expand the volume of their treatment plant and thus give the opportunity to other settlements to join.

Said that by the end of the year the order of the West Ring Road will be announced and in March to start the stand, which will be completed in 2-3 years.

In addition, two more road blocks in the municipality will be repaired - which lead to Batak and Velingrad. He thanked Borisov for the new sports hall and for the repair of the old one. The first one is already being built, and the second one is waiting for funding.

"While others chatter, we build- landfills, treatment plants, This leads to improved health of citizens. Those who are very fond of chattering, go back and see what they have done in 50 years and what we have in just a few years”, Borisov said.

He specified that the landfill will lead to air purification and this will instantly affect people's health.

The mayor is confident that new investments will come, including from Switzerland.

Revisoro explained that they are rehabilitating the network for the Eleko dam and all farmers 100% in Pazardzhiko will be supplied with water, including this channel. And this was made possible thanks to the orders of Prime Minister Borisov. The Popovo Dam was also going to be given to farmers, which is currently suspended.