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Brutal collapse for Facebook

312 companies have already withdrawn their ads from online giant Facebook. The campaign to deprive the social network of advertising revenue is because of Facebook's unsuccessful attempts to stop hate language.
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Downloading advertisers led to serious losses in the market value of the company.

The #ДаСпремОмразатаЗаПечалба campaign calls on advertisers to end their relationship with Facebook for the month of July. And the reason - the lack of actions on the part of Facebookto control posts.

According to experts, most likely from Facebookdid not expect such a large-scale reaction. A big role is also played by the approaching presidential election in the United States.

“The election is Nov. For Facebook, it's a moment of cashing in profits.

They know how much money there is at such times. If it doesn't act now, it will be continued to have even more pressure on Facebook.

Personally, I expect that things will be triggered and this will lead to investments”, explained digital marketing expert Georgi Malchev.

But scoring all the problematic posts is not profitable for Facebook.

“This is a huge investment of resource for them. The last two, three years they are very protective of all kinds of initiatives and responsibilities where they can say - yes, we will, because for them it is a huge investment”, the expert added.

And the Facebook director himself promised - all posts that are in violation will be flagged for users, including election ones. The exception is only posts calling for violence - they will be immediately removed.

“Several times a year, we decide to leave publications that violate the rules because we think the public interest is more important than the risks.

I think it's important for people to be able to see this content for themselves.” Mark Zuckerberg stated.

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