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Bulgarian manufacturer with 40% growth in LIDL network in the last three months

“Rodna stryha” is a product line with high quality products of Bulgarian manufacturers, which includes 82 products of 32 Bulgarian manufacturers.
One of the suppliers of dairy products for the line “Rodna stryha”, whose products are part of the current promotion, is the Bulgarian producer “Dairy Products” Ltd.

Besides “Native eaves” products, the company also produces items for Lidl Pilos's own brand. Only for the first 3 months of 2020. Dairy Products Ltd. has achieved nearly 40% turnover growth compared to the same period last.

“Thanks to our successful partnership we manage to make new investments in production and maintain an extremely high level of quality of all our products”, says Boryana Zlatanova, Deputy Manager, Dairy Products Ltd.

She also adds that thanks to Lidl they reach foreign markets. Among the good examples are buffalo milk products - cheese, cheese and yoghurt, which have enjoyed great success and are constantly participating in Lidl thematic weeks in countries such as Germany, Greece, Romania, Hungary and others.

Part of the product line “Native eaves” is also the selection “From own farm” in the dairy and meat assortment produced with raw materials of the manufacturer himself. This encourages the production of high-quality local raw materials, and the possibility of better control of the whole process — from raw materials to finished product — is a prerequisite for even higher quality.

Thanks to its successful partnership with Bulgarian manufacturers Lidl Bulgaria succeeds in offering its users a wide selection of quality Bulgarian products with an optimal value for price.

Upon entering the Bulgarian market in 2010 Lidl Bulgaria works with 85 Bulgarian suppliers, with some of which continues its partnership to this day. Currently, the Bulgarian partners of the chain are over 200 and predominate in the main product groups: bread, fresh meat and sausages, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Lidl Bulgaria:

Lidl is the largest grocery store chain in Europe, part of the German Schwarz-Gruppe and is present in 32 countries. In Bulgaria, Lidl started its activities in 2010. Today, the company has 101 stores in 48 cities and nearly 3,000 employees.