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Buses and taxis left the square after another protest mingled with their

Buses and taxis within minutes emptied Alexander Battenberg Square after the protest outside the Council of Ministers tried to mingle with theirs.
Who allowed them, cabbies asked. There were two attempts at booing the procession approaching them, but they were urged not to succumb to provocations.

One of the organizers of the protest of bus carriers and taxi drivers, Milena Miltenova, said that they would withdraw in order not to participate actively in this event. Others likened it to a provocation.

Before the procession of the protest against health measures, bus carriers said they were used for public manipulation, that they wanted jail time for shared travel. Milena Miltenova from the Confederation of Augubus Carriers said they do not want jail time for people who share fuel from Sofia to Burgas, but want jail time for those who transport people for a fee. For this incrimination we have been fighting for more than 10 years and we will not back down.

She also stated that taxi transport as well as public are failing. “We pray for assistance from the state, we pray to the EU to assist and at the same time allow the funds that we can generate as revenue, everything to flow through unregulated transport, this is theft - from us, from the state, from the budget,” she added.

Kiril Rizov from the Taxi Union asked the MPs to give a simple definition of what a “shared trip” is, as it is for public transport, passenger transport and economic benefit. And all parties to rework the texts. And if there's no jail time for unregulated drivers and hauliers and confiscation of vehicles, that's what we're not going to agree with. We are fed up with Uber, Maxim? Will we allow others after them? “No, the multitude replied to him. We will not be simpler than those who take our bread at 30 and 50 per cent, heated his colleagues Rizov.

Rumen Krumov from the National Union of Carriers said there are 10-12 applications that eat the bread of taxis.

Because they close the state, we want a suspension of loans, a suspension of leases, interest on loans. Freeze everything. We also want social assistance, in other countries they gave the homeless people on the streets. Not like last time 1000 levs, but at least 500 levs a month so you can buy bread for your child to feed him. These requests were announced by Evgeni Benevrcki, who said that he went around the stands to ask the cabbies.


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