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Businesses worried about MoZ's proposal for more Bulgarian production in stores VIDEO

The Ministry of Agriculture called for more Bulgarian production at the stands in the shops. Commercial establishments must allocate areas only for products of domestic producers. They will thus have access to food chains in conditions of economic difficulties.
The project has been sent to all stakeholders, but the talks have not yielded a result, the ministry said earlier today. The obligation of traders is expected to be introduced by a cabinet decree and remain in place until the end of this year.

“The Ministry of Agriculture is attempting to interfere with market structures with administrative methods. From there they want to restrict the access of foreign goods to the Bulgarian consumer”. This was stated by the President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tsvetan Simeonov.

“One of the most painful issues was the provision of “green corridors”. Now we want to restrict the movement of European goods first and then those from other countries probably, and their access to the market by telling Virig shops how and how much to fill their stands. This is unacceptable,” he also said.

According to him, Bulgarian products would have a wonderful reception in these stores if they met all standards. “For a commodity to stand on a stand in these chains, it must have a barcode, information about calories, about elegens, etc. If it wants the Ministry of Agriculture to be useful — let it focus its efforts where it can act adminstrative, "Simeonov said.

Responding to his words Petya Vassileva from the Bulgarian Organic Products Association said: “With this statement I am offended, because in this way you say that Bulgarian goods do not meet the requirements and that is not the case”. He added: “We are certified and biologically, that is, there are many more requirements for this type of food than the one currently sold on the market”.

“The requirements of large chains are prohibitive for us. We want support in order to make it possible to fulfill all the requirements that the chains have for us,” Vasileva added.