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Check the health of the bee families

As of today, the Regional Directorates of Food Safety (OBH) are starting inspections throughout the country on the health status of bee families and their registration. This was reported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.
The purpose of the control to be carried out by official veterinarians (CVPs) is to monitor the general health of the beehives reared, the number of dropouts and the reasons for this, the number of bee families declared and reared at the time of the inspection, and the presence of living bee families in hives.

The CVL checks do not cancel and will not impede the annual spring prophylactic examinations of bee families in Bulgaria under the Bee Disease Surveillance and Control Programme. They will be conducted, according to the programme, from the beginning of April 2021.

BABH reminds that also from 01.03.2021, according to the amendments to Ordinance No 13 on the Measures for Conservation of Bees and Bee Families from Poisoning and the Ways of Conducting Plant Protection, Disinfection and Disinfection Activities, the farmers will inform beekeepers about forthcoming treatment only through the EPORD electronic platform.


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