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China's GDP reflects strong toughness on China's economy

The data of the State Statistical Government show that for 2020 The country's GDP has exceeded a hundred trillion yuan, reaching 101.6 trillion, and the average GDP per capita for two years in a row is more than 10 thousand US dollars, Radio China reported.
From the management data it is also clear that GDP for 2020 has grown by 2.3% on an annual basis, making China the only country in the world to achieve positive growth of the economy. It is also predicted that the average GDP per capita will reach 72,447 yuan, or growth of 2%. The Centre for International Economic Exchange's deputy chief economist Zhang Yunjun believes GDP could reflect the overall power of a country. Against the backdrop of the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, good GDP data is an indicator of the strong endurance of the Chinese economy, the expert also pointed out.

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