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China's tourism market expected to reach $1.5 trillion

Forecasts show China's domestic tourism market will report an average of 10 billion visits per year and consumption will reach 10 trillion yuan over the next five years, according to a Chinese Tourism Academy report released Sunday, Radio China reported.
In 2019, more than 6 billion domestic tourist trips have been reported in China, according to the report presented at a thematic forum in Beijing.

Data also shows that last year, inbound tourist trips to China amounted to 145 million and annual revenues in the sector reached 6.63 trillion yuan.

Over the next five years, the contribution of the domestic tourism market to the national economy and employment is likely to remain above 10%.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism stressed in the framework of the forum that mass and intelligent tourism should be developed, the integrated development of culture and tourism, and the governance of the market should be strengthened.