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Confidence of foreign companies in China is strengthening

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce conducted a poll of 3200 foreign companies in China, the results of which show that the percentage of those optimistic about their future business prospects increased 2.1% from the beginning of this year, a spokesman told a news conference Gao Feng department.
He assured that the ministry would continue to take measures to realise its goal of stabilising foreign investment, Radio China reports.

Data show that in the first quarter newly registered companies with foreign capital increased by 47.8% compared to last year. Regarding this, Gao Feng pointed out that during this period the real foreign investment used in China has grown intensively, and besides the relatively low base for the same period of 2020, another important reason is that the Chinese economy is recovering steadily from the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. The market outlook is optimistic, the business environment continues to improve, confidence for foreign business is strengthening, and the investment forecast is favourable.


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